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Sleep Where You Eat: Pub-Hostel Combo in London

If you’re traveling through London and are open to staying in a hostel, consider this – a space with an all night pub, brunch, and sleeping accommodations.

Brunch Menu at PubLove
Brunch Menu at PubLove

The Birth of PubLove

If you’ve never been to London and make general assumptions about it, you might think pubs are thriving. In the 2000s, pubs were shutting down rapidly. A recent article by the Financial Times suggests that the pubs still in business are actually growing. Why? They’ve found a way to evolve. Some pubs renovated, some updated their menus.

In 2007, Founder & CEO Ben Stackhouse, found a way to evolve with tourism and keep the authenticity of pubs in tact. Stackhouse turned the underused space in the top floors of the pubs into hostel’s for backpacker’s traveling. What better way to always have traffic in the pub and make additional cash with the space that’s available?

The Brunch – Burger Craft

This place knows how to brunch. The brunch menu is available from 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM every day, they have 2-hour bottomless Prosecco Brunch on the weekends, and if you celebrate your birthday at The Crown, they give you a free “Recovery Brunch.” (Brunch was essentially founded by hungover adults who needed some hair of the dog to get through the day, so cheers to that.)

Cappuccino and Recovery Brunch
Cappuccino and Recovery Brunch

They offer a mix of American pancakes and English Breakfast food. I tried the Dirty Breakfast – slow cooked beef brisket, black pudding, grits, homemade beans, tomato relish, and scrambled eggs. After a long day this giant breakfast was heavy and perfect. Another hearty meal that truly has everything would be The English Breakfast with sausage, bacon, a fried egg, black pudding, homemade beans, roasted mushroom, a hashbrown, and rarebit (Welsh cheese) on toast.

If you want a lighter option, they have classic avocado toast. Also, the lunch menu has burgers, fries, and salads if you aren’t in the mood for breakfast food.

PubLove Avocado Toast with a Fried Egg
Avocado Toast with a Fried Egg

As far as drinks go, you can stick with a classic mimosa, but there is plenty to sample. According to PubLove’ website for the Crown’s location, there are “21 local and imported gins, an extensive craft bottle beer range and Bibendum wines, coffee and sweet ciders.” My morning was difficult, so I ordered a Screwdriver – not a common drink in London, but once I explained the ingredients, the bartender had no trouble whipping it up for me!

The Neighborhood

There are currently seven PubLove locations around London. My friends stayed at PubLove at The Crown, Battersea on Lavender Hill. It is a short distance from the main attractions in London. (If you take the Tube, it’s about a ten minute walk from Clapham Junction.)

At this location, you’ll find your hostel mates and Londoners in the area enjoying brunch are hanging out for quiz night.

Daniel Kelley enjoying a beer on the terrace at PubLove
Dan enjoying a beer on the terrace at PubLove

The Stay

Hostels are unique if you’re open to them. You stay in a bunk bed with quite a few people you don’t know, but many hostels have common areas/bars so you can relax and get to know the people snoring around you. As a guest at PubLove, there is a discount on the food and drinks, which made it definitely the best banger for your buck. (I love my puns, sorry!) You also can stay in the Pub and drink all night if that suits you. That’s unique to those staying in the hostel only. My friends’ biggest complaint was the lack of air conditioning during the heat wave in September. Other than that, it was a solid choice.

PubLove The Crown at Battersea

Address: 102 Lavender Hill,London, UK SW11 5RD

Instagram: @Wearepublove

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