21 Austin Restaurants with Healthy Brunch Options

January 10, 2022 (Last Updated: March 11, 2023)
Brunch at salt & time in Austin Texas

Cheers to the new year friend! Is getting healthier part of your New Years resolution? It’s definitely one of mine! In the last few months, I’ve made countless batches of cookies and brownies, I eat chocolate every day, and I can’t help but order the cheesiest option on the menu for brunch… All that to say, I’ve gained few pounds and eating healthy options is a priority for 2022. (I’ve always been about balance, so don’t expect me to stop eating cheese or chocolate!)

Healthy Brunch Restaurants in Austin

All of these brunch spots have healthy ingredients! Most have something for everyone’s dietary needs – gluten free, vegan, paleo, you name it. You’ll find a restaurant in Austin with healthy brunch options that fits your needs!

1. The Well

The Well is a chic restaurant in downtown Austin that prioritizes healthy, nutritious food. Their menu is gluten free, soy free, and refined sugar free. You can try their brunch on the weekend from 8 am – 3 pm! Their brunch menu has everything from vegan chorizo tacos to steak and eggs with Texas wagyu steak. Drooling.

2. Salt & Time

Salt & Time is known for their high-quality, locally sourced meats. If you’re making charcuterie or a steak dinner for a dinner party, they have a great selection of artisan, dry-aged meats. We bought some of their burger meat recently and made quite honestly the best burgers I’ve ever had. But for the purpose of this blog, they have an amazing weekend brunch menu! It features steak & eggs, brunch burgers, salads, and more. I’m obsessed.

3. True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen can be found in locations across the country. In Austin, there’s one in The Domain and another downtown. They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, plus they source local produce for some delicious healthy options. Brunch is only served on the weekends. They have scrumptious options like gluten-free banana pancakes, vegetarian sunrise bowls, a few vegan grain bowls!

Healthy ancient grains bowl at True Food Kitchen for brunch
Ancient Grains bowl from True Food Kitchen at the domain location

4. Counter Cafe

Counter Cafe serves fresh, local, organic food in their chic family diner. While you can definitely order some heavy meals here, they have lighter options. Also, if you’re not doing dry January, the Bloody Marys are divine. I tried the Counter Benedict on their breakfast menu because I was craving pastrami – it was so good. It reminded me of Pittsburgh!

5. Dai Due

I went to Dai Due for a date night with my fiancé and we were overwhelmed by how incredible their meat is. Dai Due is a farm to table restaurant that sources all local, fresh ingredients. Brunch is served Friday – Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm. On their sample menu they feature options like sourdough pancakes, a central texas breakfast, and quite a few sandwich options.

Dinner at dai due for date night
Date night at Dai Due! This is their pork chop, arugula side salad, and wild boarscht confit.

6. Tacodeli

Yes, tacos are healthy! Tacodeli uses locally sourced, organic, and responsibly sourced ingredients whenever possible. The breakfast tacos are made with organic hand-cracked eggs! Seriously, their breakfast tacos give me life after a night of drinking. Also, they have locations in Houston and Dallas if you visit or live in those cities.

7. Vinaigrette

This restaurant thrives on healthy, nutrition-packed salads. Vinaigrette’s main menu has tons of options for you to make a beautiful salad that’s tasty. While I love a good salad, we’re here to talk about brunch. They have a short brunch menu with drinks like the orange turmeric mimosa and a celery martini. They also have non-salad options like steak & eggs 🙂

8. Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is on this list because they have some of the best salads I’ve ever tasted. But, you probably know them best for their artisan bread. They’re bread is made with artisan flour from select wheat and whole grains for nutritious loaves of heavenly bread. The brunch menu only features a croquet madame, salmon baguette, mimosa and Bloody Mary but they have plenty of breakfast items that they serve every day. Plus there are plenty of other cocktails and drinks to try from their daily menu!

A winter kale salad and coffee from Easy Tiger. It's a great cafe to do work from, too!
My favorite – winter kale salad from Easy Tiger. It’s a great cafe to do work from, too!

9. Two Hands

Two Hands is an Australian-themed brunch-focused cafe based out of New York City that opened a location on South Congress. The Austin ingredients section features locally sourced foods. They also have a few gluten free menu options! Their brunch and lunch menu features dishes like lemon poppyseed waffles, acai bowls, lamb torta, and more. Yum!

10. Forthright

Forthright is another Austin restaurant on many a list that I’m dying to try! Their food is made from scratch with quality ingredients. Some healthy brunch options on the menu are coconut chia pudding, mushroom toast, and roasted apple salad. Add a “Shot of Morning Clarity” or mimosas to your dishes. You can brunch with Forthright Thursday – Monday!

11. Citizen Eatery

This brunch menu is served EVERY DAY. Plus, they’re a health-conscious cafe. They’re 100% plant-based, so vegans rejoice. For those doing dry January, they even have mocktails like the cucumber mule fizz. It’s made with cucumber juice, ginger brew, and lemon. Perfection.

12. Café No Sé

Café No Sé serves brunch everyday from 7 – 3 pm, and they have a fabulous menu of healthy choices. Check out their grain bowls and salads for some great bites to start your day.

13. Josephine House

Don’t you just love when restaurants serve brunch daily? They really know an endless brunch. Josephine House has a daily brunch menu from 9 am – 3 pm featuring locally sourced ingredients. They even have a vegan banana bread!

14. Brunch Bird

Their slogan is “Making Brunch Fly Again.” And I LOVE that. This is a unique restaurant on the East Side of Austin in the Buzz Mill. You can order a vegan brunch item from Brunch Bird and a coffee from the Buzz Mill. It’s a win win. The Brunch Bird menu is 100% plant-based, but don’t worry. They have all your brunch favorites covered.

15. Aba

If you haven’t made a reservation for Aba this is your sign. Their location on South Congress is divine. The vibes are real with their gorgeous oak tree and Instagrammable decor. The dishes are also influenced by the mediterranean. They’re on the list for the vibes and the gluten free brunch menu. My mom was thrilled she had so many options for her! They have lots of healthy options like charred eggplant, ahi tuna & watermelon, and other dishes. Make it a boozy brunch with espresso martinis or a group cocktail!

Inside aba for brunch in Austin
Inside Aba. I just love their lights and all the greenery. I think their outside is way cuter for pictures though.

16. First Watch

First Watch is the perfect place for those trying to eat healthy and do dry January. Because they don’t have alcohol, you won’t be tempted to give in to bottomless mimosas with your friends! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pretty drink. They have refreshing juices and all kinds of healthy brunch food. First Watch is a chain, so you can find them in several locations.

17. Kinda Tropical

This one is kind of forced, there are some healthy options for brunch. But, the reason I’ve added this to the list is solely for their CBD Waffles that are GLUTEN FREE. I’m impressed. They also have cocktails, coffee, and more.

Update as of 9/7/22 – the CBD waffles aren’t on the menu.

18. Wilder Wood

This is a fully gluten-free restaurant that makes delicious meals with wheat-free, gluten-free and soy-free ingredients. Enjoy the Gluten Free French Toast or the enchiladas con huevos on their breakfast menu! Wilder Wood has a weekend brunch menu as well.

19. Another Broken Egg

Another Broken Egg is a brunch queen’s dream. The first time I tried Another Broken Egg was before I started Endless Brunch. I was visiting my brother in Charleston, SC, which is honestly maybe the brunch capital of the US. The south knowns how to brunch. Anyway, I was excited to learn Another Broken Egg is a chain. They have a gluten-free brunch menu, vegetarian guide, and SO many options for brunch.

20. 1417

I’m a sucker for anything vaguely French. 1417 has the aesthetic and a fabulous weekend brunch menu. Life is about balance, so enjoy croissants and oysters if that feels like the mood. They have some healthyish dishes like kale salad, stuffed eggplant, or fresh fish with grapefruit.

21. Snooze AM

Snooze is another amazing chain dedicated to breakfast and brunch! They have a healthy brunch menu with goldilock’s porridge, tofu scramble, sweet potato veggie mashup and more. Make it boozy with their mimosa menu!

22. Picnik

Bonus! I tried picnik over the weekend for a healthy brunch, and it has everything. Trendy cafe vibes, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free food, butter coffees… So many healthy options. The coffees and teas are made with grass-fed butter and whey, coconut milk and collagen, and they’re vegan. It’s a great energy boost. Foodwise, their vegan burrito was my favorite!

Brunching at picnik with a vegan burrito, gluten free cinnamon roll pancakes, and chicken and waffles.
Brunching at picnik with a vegan burrito, gluten free cinnamon roll pancakes, and chicken and waffles.

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