Why Brunch?

Viking Waffles with edible flowers, Viking Butter, and fresh berries.

I discovered my love of brunch as a young wannabe-boujee-student at Wake Forest University. Brunch food had always been appreciated… who doesn’t love the option of French toast or an omelette at 11:00 am? But, when you can add a refreshing mimosa with your breakfast meal at the ripe legal drinking age of 21 and toast with good company, it becomes more than a mid-morning meal. It becomes a lifestyle. Now, I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Lucky for me, this city is booming with all kinds of wonderfully delicious food, especially brunch food!

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for nearly three years and am just now beginning to really see the amazing brunch lifestyle this city has to offer. For me, the perfect brunch has options for everyone. It should have delicious mimosas AND Bloody Marys. It should also have savory and sweet. Some restaurants truly have it all and some restaurants are fantastic at specializing. Whether you’re a Bloody Mary daredevil or a classic mimosa gal, I hope you enjoy exploring all that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Sidenote: I love to travel. I’ll include my brunch ventures as I go!

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