Best Hotdogs in Porto, Portugal


Normally, I would never give hotdogs the time of day. When you consider the American hotdogs we eat all summer, they're simply franks with toppings. Of course, I write this and immediately think of the restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves hot dogs for brunch (Franktuary.) On the day that we drove past the vineyards that … Continue reading Best Hotdogs in Porto, Portugal

Unique Pittsburgh Brunch: Smallman Galley

FeaturedSmallman Galley Brunch

The Neighborhood The history of the Strip District begins in the Industrial Period and evolves into the thriving neighborhood it is today. In the evolution of the neighborhood, food has almost always been a priority. Today, it's hard to choose between the restaurants along Penn Avenue. But, right between two of Pittsburgh's favorite eateries, Pamela's … Continue reading Unique Pittsburgh Brunch: Smallman Galley

Why You Should Thank This Man at Brunch

FeaturedSnickerdoodle Chocolate Chip Pancake Stack

(And... A Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Pancake Recipe) When I decided to write about brunch, I had never considered where it originated. The idea that there was a time where brunch didn’t exist had never even crossed my mind. Can you really imagine a world where you would wake up at 11:00 am without the perfect … Continue reading Why You Should Thank This Man at Brunch