7 Spooky Halloween Brunch Ideas

October 26, 2019 (Last Updated: February 6, 2020)

Feeling creative with Halloween just around the corner? These Halloween inspired treats will have your friends taking all kinds of pictures before they finally eat. I absolutely love these thrilling finger foods, cocktails, and desserts that make up the perfect brunch meal.

1. BeDeviled Burgers

This recipe looks devilishly good. Whether you’re waking up from a night of partying or simply craving a juicy burger, this cute burger will thrill your tastebuds and your guests.

2. Deliciously Rotten Deviled Eggs

Halloween inspired deviled eggs with green filling.
Photocred: Parenting Chaos

This fun deviled egg recipe is unlike any you’ve had at your summer BBQ. Deviled eggs are always an easy treat, and your friends will love the spiderwebbed effect.

3. Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Halloween inspired cheese ball as a pumpkin
Photocred: Food Network

Don’t you love a cute recipe that’s easy to make? It only takes about twenty minutes to complete this adorable cheesy pumpkin…and it’s all made with food! Still not convinced you need to make this? Everyone loves cheese. Well, almost everyone. You need this.

4. Halloween Beet ‘n Bloody Mary

Halloween inspired bloody Mary with beet juice and carrot fingers
Photocred: Instructables cookings

You simply couldn’t have a Halloween brunch without providing a spooky Bloody Mary. If you’re not a fan of beets, you might think this recipe is more of a trick than a treat. However, the eyeballs popping out of this drink add to the perfection. Even if you skip the beet juice, you’ll want these frightful toppings.

5. Jack Skellington Macarons

Halloween inspired Nightmare Before Christmas macarons
Photocred: Snap of Pankobunny’s Video

I love these Jack Skellington Macarons! I couldn’t help but take a screenshot of that delicious chocolate filling, and how cute is the Jack Skellington design for my Nightmare Before Christmas Fans? The video by Pankobunny is easy to follow, but if you need a written recipe, Tastemade has fantastic instructions.

6. Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

Halloween inspired pumpkin pie pop tarts
Photocred: RecipeGirl

Homemade pop tarts sound absolutely incredible. This easy recipe would pair perfectly with a refreshing apple cider mimosa for a complete fall flavored brunch.

7. The Bloody Mimosa

Halloween inspired bloody mimosa
Photocred: Sincerely by Kara

Considering all the monsters and ghouls you’ll be serving, you might want to consider keeping it simple with the cocktails. This blood orange mimosa is unique and flavorful without going overboard on the Halloween theme. It’s the perfect final touch for your brunch meal!

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