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Can cannolis be brunch?

italian ricotta filled cannoli with chocolate chips
Piazza del paradiso

Cannoli Paradise

In the small Piazza Paradiso slightly away from the overcrowded streets near the museums is a small pastry shop by the name of Pasticceria De Bellis. It’s a small elegant shop designed perfectly to bring out the beauty of the decorative pastries. Everything on display looks delicious, but the cannolis stand out in the assortment of colorful desserts. The young girl behind the counter is smiling ready to take my order while I stare at the decadent mousse, tarts, and cakes.

She reaches for one of the large cannoli with pistachio grounds on one end and candied oranges on the other from the display. After reading so much information on how the cannolo should be filled directly in front of you when you order I worry that the shell will be soggy, but Katie Parla, a popular food blogger in Rome, suggested this place, so it can’t be horrible.

She wraps the cannoli in a napkin and places it on the counter on a black paper plate to be enjoyed in in the cozy, modern back room. It’s quaint with only two chairs and two tiny circular tables.

Pistachio and orange candy dipped ricotta cannolis

The colorful candied fruits and green pistachios help the cannoli project against the muted colors of the room. It looks delicious. Mouth opened wide I take one big chomp into it on the side with the candied oranges. The fruity flavor lightens the bitterness of the creamy sheep ricotta. On the other side, the pistachios give the ricotta a rich, nutty flavor. The cream is smooth and sweet and mildly tangy. So many flavors at once!

The unbelievable part is the shell. It’s perfectly light and flaky. The girl behind the counter says, “The shell is the hardest part to make. The shortbread breaks easily after it’s fried.” Well, they certainly nailed it.

This is exactly what a cannoli should taste like—a crispy thin shell with a tangy, creamy ricotta cheese filling.

Ciuri Ciuri

Address: Via Leonina, 18, 00184 Roma, Italy

La Cannoleria Siciliana

Address: Via di Monte Brianzo, 66, 00186 Roma, Italy

I Dolci di Vincenza

Address: Piazza di Montecitorio, 116 Roma, Italy

Pasticceria De Bellis

Address: Piazza del Paradiso, 56, 00186 Roma, Italy

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