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Can cannolis be brunch?

italian ricotta filled cannoli with chocolate chips

Sugar, Sugar

The cannoli at Ciuri Ciuri is a tease for all tastebuds but it doesn’t quite resemble the true taste of a Sicilian cannoli.

Just outside the storefront of the adorable pasticceria, people of all ages line up to satisfy their sweet tooth. Inside they have a giant container of gelato with delicious, colorful flavors of pistachio, mixed berry, chocolate, hazelnut, apricot, and more. More importantly, they have cannolis ranging from the size of a cigarette to the size of my fist.

Feeling ambitious, I ask for largest of course. She grabs the tub of ricotta filling from the refrigerator and spoons it into the delicious fried pastry dough. It looks perfect, but she isn’t quite done. She then dips both ends of the pastry into a container full of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

An authentic Sicilian cannoli should be mildly sweet. This one is nearly pure sugar. The cream is even a little grainy because the sugar hasn’t had time to dissolve thoroughly. It might not meet the traditional cannoli standards, but it is pure heaven. Honestly, 10/10.

My first cannolo from Ciuri Ciuri
My first cannolo from Ciuri Ciuri

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