Parisian Chic Brunch in Pittsburgh

Warning: This may raise your brunch expectations.

The Neighborhood

You may not believe that in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Little Italy, lives a Parisian cafe with a gorgeous umbrella covered patio, but friends, it does exist. It’s located on 4200 Penn Avenue in Bloomfield.

European decor in the cafe.

The Ambiance

At the front of the restaurant is the cafe. You’ll see the baristas brewing all of the coffee fixings with a sign that essentially tells you to be polite. (How French.) Inside, the decor is very European with local art lining the walls, but walk to the back to find the most quaint patio Pittsburgh has to offer.

An array of colorful umbrellas keeps the sun out of your eyes and creates the most picturesque brunch atmosphere.

Rainbow umbrellas cover the outdoor patio at Caffe Mona

The Brunch

Caffe Mona’s menu offers a modern take on classic brunch meals. Their menu has everything from mediterranean omelettes to spanakopita French toast (?!) And of course, as a French restaurant, they have plenty of crepe options.

As a girl who wants to try it all, I was a HUGE fan of their brunch special. If you want to try a crepe, and an entree, I’d highly recommend this option.

As an entree, I ordered the Fig & Brie French Toast – two thick slices of French toast with melted brie cheese, topped with diced green apples and fig jam. (So good!) The portion size was gigantic, but every bite was delicious. For my dessert crepe, I was in the mood for fruit and tried their apricot jam. But, Nutella fans, you should indulge in the Nutella & Banana classic.

As any European cafe should, the coffee beverages are exquisite. (Any place that serves freshly brewed espresso is a 10/10 for me. The only downside is that if you want a mimosa, it is BYOB!

Gals That Brunch

Huge thanks to Gals That Brunch for organizing the reservation! Check out their chapters to enjoy brunch and meet fabulous women in your city once a month.

Caffe Mona La Bistro

Address: 4200 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA


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