Unique Pittsburgh Brunch: Smallman Galley

August 1, 2019 (Last Updated: November 15, 2020)
Smallman Galley Brunch

The Neighborhood

The history of the Strip District begins in the Industrial Period and evolves into the thriving neighborhood it is today. In the evolution of the neighborhood, food has almost always been a priority. Today, it’s hard to choose between the restaurants along Penn Avenue. But, right between two of Pittsburgh’s favorite eateries, Pamela’s Diner and Peace, Love, & Little Donuts, sits one of the most unique dining experiences Pittsburgh has to offer.

Smallman Galley Brunch
Brunch from Home and Sultry at Smallman Galley

The Galley

What is a Galley? Smallman Galley, along with its predecessors, are food halls with multiple kitchens. Literally it’s defined as a “kitchen or an area with kitchen facilities in a ship, plane, or camper.”

The Galley Group created this revolutionary concept that allows chefs the freedom of creating delicious meals with low costs and provides brunch-goers ever-changing unique food. It was co-founded by Tyler Benson and Benjamin Mantica, two Navy veterans, so it’s no wonder how they chose the name!

Smallman Galley was the first concept for their now expansive list of openings! Check out the website to see where the other locations. Pittsburgh is lucky enough to have two (Federal Galley is located in North Shore.)

The Experience

The best brunch experience, in my opinion, is when I can invite friends with multiple preferences and they are all able to order something they love and partake in a mimosa or a Bloody Mary. The Galley rotates through ever-changing fabulous chefs who can use the location to showcase their delicious eats. So, when one of my friends wants perogies and another wants banh-mi, Smallman Galley, might be the best option.

Perogies for breakfast with eggs and bread.

Currently the four restaurants inside are Home, Sultry, Mangiamo, and Ba-Co. When you walk in, the menus are written above the kitchens, and boy is it hard to choose what to eat!

Once you figure out your meal, you order from that kitchen’s specific line, the person at the cash register hands you a number, and you find a seat. They’ll bring your food over!

If you also want some stronger drinks, there is a full bar. So, yes you can order that mimosa!

The Food

Home’s Instagram account has flooded my stream, so I had to try their avocado lobster toast made with rustic Italian bread, avocado, lobster salad, lemon arugula and topped with a soft egg. I’m not one to start my day wanting seafood, but it was delicious! My boyfriend enjoyed a Pittsburgh classic, perogies topped with eggs, bacon, spinach and sweet onion from Sultry’s kitchen – if you’ve never had perogies for breakfast, you absolutely must try these.

Remember that the restaurants rotate, so follow Smallman Galley on social to see what restaurants are coming around the corner. Also, follow along with the chefs currently operating these kitchens.

Smallman Galley

Address: 54 21st Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Smallman Galley’s Website

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