Best Hotdogs in Porto, Portugal


Normally, I would never give hotdogs the time of day. When you consider the American hotdogs we eat all summer, they're simply franks with toppings. Of course, I write this and immediately think of the restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves hot dogs for brunch (Franktuary.) On the day that we drove past the vineyards that … Continue reading Best Hotdogs in Porto, Portugal

Why You Should Thank This Man at Brunch

FeaturedSnickerdoodle Chocolate Chip Pancake Stack

(And... A Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Pancake Recipe) When I decided to write about brunch, I had never considered where it originated. The idea that there was a time where brunch didn’t exist had never even crossed my mind. Can you really imagine a world where you would wake up at 11:00 am without the perfect … Continue reading Why You Should Thank This Man at Brunch

Farm to Table Finds!

Before hitting up Music City, everyone should stop at The Old School, a delicious farm to table restaurant that in 1936 was legitimately a school house they restored. It's only ten minutes away from downtown Nashville. Totally worth the drive. If this Instagrammable chair doesn't make you want to check it out, they have a beer garden, delicious food, … Continue reading Farm to Table Finds!