Best Hotdogs in Porto, Portugal


Normally, I would never give hotdogs the time of day. When you consider the American hotdogs we eat all summer, they're simply franks with toppings. Of course, I write this and immediately think of the restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves hot dogs for brunch (Franktuary.) On the day that we drove past the vineyards that … Continue reading Best Hotdogs in Porto, Portugal

Sleep Where You Eat: Pub-Hostel Combo in London

If you're traveling through London and are open to staying in a hostel, consider this - a space with an all night pub, brunch, and sleeping accommodations. Brunch Menu at PubLove The Birth of PubLove If you've never been to London and make general assumptions about it, you might think pubs are thriving. In the … Continue reading Sleep Where You Eat: Pub-Hostel Combo in London