The Perfect Post-Yoga Waffles for Brunch

February 11, 2020 (Last Updated: November 15, 2020)
Protein Waffles with Caramel Ghee butter, fruit, and edible flowers

Usually when you decide to get brunch, it’s one of the most unhealthy meals of the day. Even if you don’t drink alcohol with your entree, the Huevos rancheros can be pretty high on the calorie scale. I don’t even want to look at the calorie count for chicken and waffles. (It’s just so good!)

Eating Viking Waffles
Tori Mason eating Viking Waffles – photo by Ethan Merritt

I’m a firm believer in the moderation method of maintaining weight, but I tend to overdue it when it comes to brunch.

Thankfully, this boss Norwegian athlete, Benedicte Engen, loved her Grandma’s Scandinavian waffles and health enough to create a gluten free, Keto-friendly waffle that contains 21g Protein, 3g Sugar, 5g Net Carbs. (Excuse me?)

Pittsburgh-based photographer, Ethan Merritt, was asked to do a shoot for Viking Waffles. He’s been a photographer for ten years, traveling for work and fun so it’s no surprise that the creator of Viking Waffles, Benedicte Engen sent him Vanilla and Plain (Original) waffles along with Caramel Viking Butter for content. Since he knows I’m clearly brunch obsessed, he asked me to help him create a waffle masterpiece.

Photographer Ethan Merritt with Viking Waffles & Caramel Viking Butter (Ghee)

The Waffles

The waffles are $25 for only five so they are clearly not your average Eggo. While they are on the pricey side, they are an easy, healthy alternative to waffles, that you can grab from the freezer post-workout and speed up your day. Even with the high amount of protein, the waffle is crunchy and delicious out of the toaster.

Hot tip: If these waffles are out of your price range, try to make your own protein waffle with this recipe.

Viking Waffles with edible flowers, Viking Butter, and fresh berries.
Viking Waffles with edible flowers, Viking Butter, and fresh berries.

On top of the protein-packed waffles, the Viking Butter packed with collagen is delicious. The butter is made with ghee, a Keto-friendly butter that has many anti-inflammatory properties. If you haven’t heard about collagen yet, it’s said to have benefits to rejuvenate your skin, improve your hair, increase your metabolism. The studies are controversial on the subject of collagen’s benefits, but the Caramel Viking butter is delicious in coffee and on the waffles!

4 Ways to Eat Your Waffles (Viking or otherwise)

Merritt and I stopped at Big Dog Coffee in Pittsburgh to grab a cup of coffee to enjoy these waffles.

Plain Jane – Toast the waffle and run out the door!

Plain Protein Waffles
Original Viking Waffle – photo by Ethan Merritt

Edible arrangements – Edible flowers, Caramel Viking Butter, Raspberries, Blackberries, and a Vanilla Waffle

Protein Waffles with Caramel Ghee butter, fruit, and edible flowers
Viking Waffles with Caramel Ghee butter, fruit, and edible flowers – photo by Ethan Merritt

Eggs Benedict with a twist – chopped kale salad, smoked salmon and a fried egg on top

Grilled Brie Wafflich – sweet & savory grilled Brie and baked pears

Viking Waffles

Instagram: @viking.waffles

Ethan Merritt

Instagram: @ethanmerrittofficial

This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely love these waffles.

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