Unbelievable Buttermilk Biscuits in Pittsburgh

February 7, 2020 (Last Updated: November 15, 2020)

The Southside Slopes is the last place that I would expect to venture for delicious baked goods. Yes, this is personal, but I feel like I should explain why I’m not the biggest fan of the slopes. When I first moved to Pittsburgh in 2017, a few friends and I rented a gorgeous house that overlooked the city and was surprisingly on a secluded road. Then winter came. The narrow roads and lack of salt left me in some scary situations slipping on ice. The reason I share my fears is because I was somewhat unsure of coming to the 350° Bakery location. Have no fear friends! It’s in a great location WITH a parking lot.

The Ambiance

After years of catering and working towards a brick and mortar shop, the owners, Barb Reale and Janie Crawford turned this old tire shop into a quaint, delicious bakery.

Lemon blueberry scone from 350° Bakery
Lemon blueberry scone from 350° Bakery

You may be familiar with 350° Bakery’s cute neon sign hanging above the delicious baked goods from Instagram pictures. The aroma of freshly baked bread hits your nose as soon as you walk in. The shop is small; there are a few bar stools that line the window. It’s a nice spot for a short coffee date with some of the best baked goods in Pittsburgh.

The Food

Typically, I’d steer clear of going to a restaurant with a small menu when it comes to brunch. I love having options. When it comes to sweets, 350° Bakery has everything one could want. (One would hope because it is a bakery.) They have cinnamon buns, scones, pecan stickies, sweet breads, and more. I tried the chocolate babka and the lemon blueberry scones, which were to die for.

Chocolate Babka from 350° Bakery
Chocolate babka from 350° Bakery

The most amazing item on the menu, was the sandwich of the day. When I visited, the sandwich featured a bacon, egg, cheddar, and jam on an everything biscuit. Oh my gosh, this biscuit makes the sandwich. If I could describe it accurately, I might say that it’s a quite literally a buttery, flaky, warm, bread of the Gods.

The sandwich was really filling, so I got to bring my other baked treats home for dessert. (I thought they’d last me a few days… they were gone by the next day!)

chocolate backa, scone, and coffee at home
The chocolate babka and scone that I took home from the shop.

Even if you don’t check out the shop to meet a friend, they do 350° Bakery does catering and whole sale, so you’ll find their baked goods in cafes around Pittsburgh.

Hot Tip: If you plan to visit, the store is only open on weekends (Saturday & Sunday.) Also, I’d suggest getting there early!

Tori showing off the sandwich of the day at 350° Bakery
Me showing off my sandwich of the day at 350° Bakery

350° Bakery

Address: 2427 S 18th St. Pittsburgh PA 15210

Instagram: @350bakerypgh

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