The Perfect Brunch Date in Pittsburgh

January 7, 2020 (Last Updated: November 15, 2020)

Most restaurants include brunch as either something they are completely devoted to or they just create a brunch menu that frustrates the chefs because it’s an odd combination of breakfast and lunch with weird hours and they might also be as hungover as you. (Sorry chefs! We still love brunch!)

Few restaurants in Pittsburgh are as committed to brunch as one of the new additions to Lawrenceville, Lola’s Eatery. Lola’s Eatery is located just outside of the Strip District in Lawrenceville on the first floor of the Engine House 25 Winery at 3337 Penn Ave near the Roberto Clemente Museum.

The Ambiance

From the moment you see the wooden sign with Lola’s Eatery embossed on the front and hanging on the front entrance along with the succulents and twinkling lights in the window front, you know you’re in for a treat. When you walk in, the warm yellow paint feels like summer. The instagram-worthy sign above two lounge chairs and a coffee table is framed in ivory. A mix of coffee tables, sofa chairs, and bar stools gives the space a casual coffee house atmosphere.

The golden yellow paint begins to change to dark blue as you make your way into the bar area. Here you can find lots of alcohol for your mimosas or Bloody Mary’s and another set of lounge chairs.

Instagram sign that says "brunch so hard mimosas wanna find you"

You’re probably questioning why I called this the perfect brunch date in Pittsburgh. Hear me out. The space in the front room and the bar is small. To make the most of the space, the majority of the tables only seat two people. The larger seating areas are communal. If you have more than four people and spontaneously go with a large group of girlfriends, you might find it difficult to all sit together.

That said, it is THE perfect spot to either meet a friend for a brunch date or even bring a significant other you’ve been seeing for a minute. (I personally wouldn’t bring a new S.O. to a place where I’ll obsessively take food pictures, but that’s just me!)

The Food

The brunch menu includes a Mexican and Filipino twist on classic brunch items. Just a few of the popular items include “Send Noods – Sauteed shrooms, crispy kale, caramelized onions, nitamago egg, bacon & house-made soy brine” and the “AM Eggrolls – Chorizo, cheddar, eggs, jalapeño, onion.”

Between four people, we tried the beet hummus toast, the adobo pot pie, the tofu 330, brunch bunz, and the ube bunz for dessert. The only suggestion for hungry friends is that the portions are moderately sizes so you can try a few dishes.

I could not recommend the Ube Bunz more. It’s kind of uncommon in Pittsburgh, so for those who don’t know, Ube is a purple potato that’s native to the Philippines. Mic describes the flavor as gentle with a hint of vanilla and pistachio. The ice cream really is a potato not a purple die to make it look as pretty as it does. Lola’s Eatery sandwiches ube ice cream into a warm cinnamon sugar bun that tastes kind of like funnel cake but 1000 times better.

Ube Ice Cream sandwich for brunch
Ube Ice Cream sandwich for brunch

Lola’s Eatery

Address: 3337 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Instagram: @lolas_eatery

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